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Get Certified | Drone Forensics Expert Training

GMDSOFT Drone Forensics Training


This course focus on the MD-DRONE tool, an essential tool for drone data extraction and analysis. The course will introduce the MD-DRONE tool and its functionality in extraction data from drone devices. There will be an indepth review of the various types of drone data that can be extracted, analyzed to support a drone forensic investigation


Course Contents:

  • Drone Forensic Fundamentals
  • Introduction of MD-DRONE
  • MD-DRONE Functionality Review I : Extraction
  • MD-DRONE Functionality Review II: Flight Log Analysis Report
  • MD-DRONE Case 1 Practice


Level: For all skill levels

Course Length: One day (6 hours)

Instructional Method: Instructor-Led On Site/ Online (Live) 

GMDSOFT Drone Forensics Training

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