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IMPRESS - Forensic Image and Video Enhancement

IMPRESS 8 - Forensic Image and Video Enhancement


Indispensable Tool in the Forensic Search for Information in Images/Video.


Impress is a forensic image and video enhancement software package which has proven itself for over 20 years in forensic investigations all over the world. With the latest generation, version 8, you are ready for the future. All filters can be performed on a graphics processing unit (GPU) resulting in a large decrease in processing time. The media player is ready for the increasing number of different media formats. With the understanding of the workload and the diversity of the work growing, the user interface is intuitive and easy to use.

Key Features:

- Contrast and Brightness Filters

- Deblur and Sharpen Filters

- Noise Removal Filters

- Video Stabilization

- Super Resolution

- Warp Perspective

- Conversion Filters, and more




1. Extensive audit trail

- Everything an operator does is logged. This makes it possible to reproduce results and your result is forensically sound.


2. Help functions

-This saves a great amount of time because operators do not have to search or try different filters endlessly to find the correct one. By answering simple questions you get the most appropriate filter very quickly.


3. Multiple inputs

- IMPRESS provides multiple tools for different kinds of input. It includes a desktop grabber utility that will record uncompressed from non-proprietary players and an extensive input engine that combines the power of multiple video engines for the support of video formats.


4. Modern and user-friendly interface

- Our interface is intuitive and easy to learn. The more extensive functions are not visible at first sight but are just a mouse click away.


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IMPRESS - Forensic Image and Video Enhancement

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