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Logic Cube Logic Analyzer LAP-C Pro Series

Logic Cube PC-Based Logic Analyzers LAP-C Pro Series

3-in-1 Functions: Logic Analyzer, Protocol Analyzer, and Pattern Generator


The LAP-C Pro is a multi-purpose PC-based logic analyzer. It offers uncompromised breadth in one single instrument: high sample rate, large channel count and deep memory.
But the LAP-C Pro is not only about GHz and Mb. The extensive protocol library consisting of more than 120 protocol decoders, direct streaming to disk, channel folding, user-friendly software and a host of other functions make debugging a joy.


Zeroplus Logic Analyzers LAP-C Pro Series Models:

* Lap-C-Pro (32256M)

* Lap-C-Pro (32128M)

* Lap-C-Pro (32064M)

* Lap-C-Pro (16064M)


The Deepest Memory Depth in the Industry
The newly launched logic analyzer, Logic Cube Pro, has the deepest memory depth up to 256Mbits per channel. In the channel folding mode, the memory depth per channel can reach up to 1G and the total memory depth 8G at most.


The Exclusive, self-defined bus in the Industry
Targeting the undefined data, Logic Cube Pro can analyze the data easily and rapidly after defining
the name. Moreover, it significantly saves product development time and fits for decoding,
debugging with special SPEC in various scenarios.


Long-time Recording without Loss
Logic Cube Pro records and saves all signals directly into your PC for analysis and debugging in only one step.


Mixed Signal Oscilloscope (MSO) Stacking

Logic Cube Pro possesses the measuring ability of digital/hybrid signals, and checks the data packet simultaneously with the compact and portable advantages of the PC-based LA.


Ultra-high Sampling Frequency

The internal sampling rate (Timing, Asynchronous) can reach up to 2GHz, and the external sampling rate (State, Synchronous) 250MHz at most.


Protocol Analyzer (PA)
Logic Cube Pro chooses the target protocol, decodes the data instantly, and displays the
data on a list. It features long-time recoding and sets the trigger condition to discover the target
value accurately.


Pattern Generator (PG)

Logic Cube Pro timely supports mainstream buses, including I2C, SPI, UART, CAN to generate various patterns. It can trigger the object to be measured and verify the response message from the object.


Customized BUS Software
With customized BUS software, Logic Cube Pro provides the decoding service to rapidly analyze the pain points of various industry signals.



DataExpert Singapore is the sole distributor for Zeroplus products in Singapore.  Contact us for more information today!

Logic Cube Logic Analyzer LAP-C Pro Series

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