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M.2 U.2 1-1 PCIe SSD Duplicator Sanitizer

Product Details

The SPU201G is a duplicator and Sanitizer that supports NVMe, AHCI, U.2, and SAS/SATA protocols. It features automatic device signal detection and supports high-speed duplication up to 24.0 GB/min. It also includes an Event Log Report function for comprehensive tracking of function execution and results.



Controller Design

  • Embedded controller is designed to support capacities over 18TB+. Constant improvement supports latest marketavailable devices.


Cross-interface Duplication

  • Automatically detect different devices and capable to copy from M.2 to U.2 device or vice versa


Modularized Socket Design

  • Modular-designed M.2 ports effectively reduce downtime and is cost-effective for long-term ownership


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M.2 U.2 1-1 PCIe SSD Duplicator Sanitizer

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