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Key Features

Feature 1: Large chamber allows you to erase magnetic data from a B4-size notebook PC intact (100% degaussing). 
The large 315mm (W) × 90mm (H) × 364mm (D) chamber holds many HDD and tapes, enabling erasure of this large number of media simultaneously. You can even erase the data from a B4-size or A4-size notebook PC without removing the HDD


Feature 2: World's first degausser using a diagonal magnetization system! (patented in the US, Japan)

This product incorporates the diagonal magnetization system, the most effective for erasing data from perpendicular magnetic-recording HDDs, improving erasing efficiency by roughly 50% over conventional methods. (raising the maximum field intensity equivalent to 1,200 KA/m.)


Feature 3: Magnetic force checking function * An industry first

The monitor displays the strength of the magnetic field after it is generated. The ability to check the strength of the magnetic field each time improves the reliability of the erasing operation.


Feature 4: Can also use to erase magnetic data stored on tape

Erases cartridge tapes, including open reel, LTO/DAT/DLT/CMT/9940/3592/VHS, as well as floppy disks and other magnetic-recording media in one speedy operation.


Feature 5: Facilitates centralized management and control (key entry system)

To enhance safety, this model will not function without insertion of a power key in the front panel. The power key remains in the care of a manager to prevent illicit erasure of data and accidents.


Feature 6: Comes with a special mobile lifter (as an option)

The special lifter improves operational efficiency by enabling you to move the unit safely from one site to another without the need to load and unload it on a mover each time.


Simultaneous processing capacity of MW-30000X

Type of HDD Simultaneous erasing capacity
3.5-in 14 HDDs
2.5-in 51 HDDs

MagWiper MW-30000X Degausser

  • This product will completely erase data from B4/A4-size notebook PCs using a powerful magnetic force without the need to dismantle the PC to remove the hard disk. Data are completely erased and unrecoverable.


    These MagWiper degaussers are the first in the world to use the diagonal magnetization system.  This system erases both PMR and LMR HDDs, and in the case of the PMR, improves the efficiency of data erasure by 50% (maximum) over conventional erasure methods. 

    In addition to hard drives, it will erase data instantly (0.1 second) from other magnetic recording media, including tapes (LTO, DAT, etc.) and floppy disks. 

  • MagWiper MW-30000X Degausser Product Specs

    Product name MagWiper All In One
    Code MW-30000X
    Erasable media B4 notebook PCs (sizes up to B4), hard disks (including thick hard disks), open reel, LTO, DDS/DAT, DLT, CMT, 9940, 3592, AIT, VHS, FD, others.
    * Please contact us regarding magnetic media that are not listed.
    Hard disk recording formats supported Perpendicular magnetic recording, longitudinal magnetic recording
    Charging time 25 seconds
    Data erasing time 0.1 second
    Magnetic field generated 800 kA/m (approximately 10,000 Oe)
    Power requirements AC100V 50/60Hz
    Power consumption
    (maximum when charging)
    Power consumption
    (standby mode)
    External dimensions 21.7 (W) × 18.2 (H) × 26.4 (D) inches
    Erasable area/ chamber area 12.4 (W) × 3.5 (H) × 14.3 (D) / 12.4 (W) × 3.5 (H) × 14.3 (D) inches
    Weight 143kg / 315lbs
    Operating environment 5°–35°C (41°–95°F), humidity 20–80% (condensation-free environment)
    Accessories HDD tray, all-purpose tray
    AC power cable, usage instructions, warranty


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