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GMDSOFT MD-LIVE Mobile Forensics Triage

GMDSOFT MD-LIVE is a mobile live data forensics product with easy to use user interface and logical extraction and quick data analysis. It also supports automatic smartphone detection, smartphone display mirroring and capturing with camera to capture the evidence image or to record video in the field.


Key Features
Product Highlights

  • Mobile forensic solution for on-the-spot investigation
  • Screening and analysis features based on time period and frequency of use
  • Minimize work time with each step using high-speed processes
  • Recording and capturing features using the shooting function
  • Simple and convenient usage with intuitive user interface

Key Features

Selected data extraction and analysis

  • Only data related to the incident can be selected and analyzed
  • Minimization of unnecessary data extraction to protect the privacy of the subject who is under investigation and reduce the time spent on the site


Assurance of evidence data integrity

  • Hash calculation for ensuring the integrity of data and multimedia files used for analysis


Easy and concise process

  • Intuitive user interface and smartphone model auto-detection function which enables smooth, on-the-spot forensics with minimal training


Analysis UI provision similar to actual smartphone

  • Data identification improvement and screening capabilities by providing themes similar to smartphone environments during data analysis


Multimedia preview function

  • Images, videos, documents preview in the smartphone
  • Smartphone screen capturing with comments and save


Camera and Mirroring

  • Screen capturing through external camera and smartphone screen mirroring can be used when smartphone connection is not possible or during evidence collection


Analysis report creation function

  • Ongoing video filming
  • Summary of smartphone internal data, screen capture, multimedia, and application analysis result
  • Report generation on selected evidence
  • PDF file report and extracted data export (CD, DVD, USB)


Product packages

  • MD-LIVE CD Box
  • USB Dongle Key (1 ea.)
  • Warranty: 1 Year



GMDSOFT MD-LIVE Mobile Forensics Triage

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