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Medex Examiner Training Course

Medex Examiner Training Course  (In-Person Training)


Course Description

This course will prepare students to use Medex in complex authenticity or file origin cases and provide expert opinion testimony in court. Students will gain foundational knowledge of how digital video is encoded and stored in order to provide an expert analysis of it. It will also focus on the use of Medex in performing complex authentication examinations of digital video (including deepfake videos) as well as identifying the source of unknown video files. A variety of cell phone captured and transmitted video, as well as cloud and social media stored files are utilized to effectively interpret and gain insight into video from various sources.


Key Topics

  • Identification of device that originally created/transmitted a video file
  • Understanding video file metadata
  • Deepfake video detection
  • Social media / cloud stored video considerations
  • Articulating expert results


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Medex Examiner Training Course

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