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Medex Video Authentication Software

Product Details

Unlike any other software, Medex reveals information that is not present in the metadata of a digital video file. With this additional intelligence, investigators are answering new questions about video and identifying additional crimes and perpetrators in previously impossible ways.



  • Authenticate citizen-submitted videos
  • Rapidly identify CSAM production
  • Triage videos from mobile device extractions and expedite actionable intelligence
  • Identify deepfake videos
  • Detect tampering or modification of digital videos
  • Identify a video’s provenance, including origination camera make/model and any editing software or platform



Custom forensic digital video parsers
- Purpose-built to be transparent & comprehensive.


Fast video source categorization
- Quickly triage files based on originating camera, processing software, and edited/modified.


Medex reference library of known exemplars
- The most comprehensive collection of known brands/models, software apps, and social sharing platforms to provide accurate results.


Individual or large quantity analysis
- Conduct investigations at scale while retaining the ability to dive deep into results for any single file.


Remote and local processing
- Process files on either Medex’s secure AWS GovCloud infrastructure or your local computer/network.


API licenses
- Use Medex’s output in your own processing pipelines, e.g., in acquisition or evidence ingest workflows.


Flexible licensing
- Medex offers a variety of licensing options that align to your agency’s budget and investigative needs.


Medex Video Authentication Software

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