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MicroSD Card Duplicator & Inspector - 50port


UReach Scratch free MicroSD Card Duplicator features a unique design with the entire tray flipping, pushing in, and pulling out, unlike traditional manual insertion and removal.

It boosts performance by 20-30 times, significantly improving production efficiency and reducing labor costs. It uses probe contact to ensure that no scratches are left on the gold fingers of the MicroSD throughout the entire process. Additionally, it possesses the most accurate memory card detection tool.



Operation Type

  • Stand-alone, FPGA-based operation (Non PC-based system design).


Bandwith Performance

  • Speed transfers of up to 2.0GB/min. (33MB/sec.) Dedicated bandwidth enables high-volume replications without speed degradation


Design for User-Friendly operation

  • The entire tray is placed into the pallet, operated with a joystick, enabling the copying and quality inspection of 50 MicroSD cards without the need for manual card insertion or removal. Moreover, it ensures that no scratches are left on the gold fingers of the MicroSD cards throughout the entire process


Controller Design

  • Embedded controller is designed to support capacities over 18TB+. Constant improvement supports latest market – available devices.


Read-only Source Port


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MicroSD Card Duplicator & Inspector - 50port

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