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Short Throw Projector

Smart concealment, one click control, making home life unique When in use, with one click on, the viewing is completed, and with one click off, the screen and laser TV automatically shrink and hide, without the need for additional hanging on the screen, which is neat and beautiful.

The screen adopts the principle of diffuse reflection imaging, avoiding direct light source and reducing eye damage caused by the light source.

The cabinet desktop is made of high-quality rock plate material, with ultra-high hardness, anti fouling and high temperature resistance, classic design, practicality and aesthetics

Large capacity cabinet space, aluminum alloy glass door, convenient for infrared signal transmission when placing power amplifiers, players, game consoles, set-top boxes, etc. At the same time, equipped with a cooling fan, the power amplifier has good heat dissipation.


100 inch immersive experience like a movie theater.


3 section combination cabinet for easy movement.


Panel: Rock Plate
Cabinet Body: Solid Wood + Steel Material
Cabinet Door: Aluminum Alloy + Diamond glass


Combined Size:

2460 x 590 x 350mm


Package include:

1 x Integration TV Cabinet

1 x Floor Rising Screen

1 x UST Projector

Short Throw Projector

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