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USB 1:59 ports Duplicator Sanitizer UB3948


With the increasing improvement in the speed and capacity of flash drives, the traditional USB 2.0 detect duplicator can no longer meet the needs of most Flash manufacturers in the market.


Compared with USB 2.0 detect duplicator, the transmission efficiency of Intelligent U3 is 4 times faster and compatible with USB 2.0 flash drives. It has a better compatibility with a wider range of applications.


U-Reach Inc. launched the Intelligent U3 series, which is currently the only U3 duplicator on the market that adopts the true USB 3.2 specification.


Speeds up to 10 GB / m

The measured speed of a single port is up to 358 MB per second, and 40 MB per second for USB 2.0. When fully loaded, it can reach up to 100 MB per second, and 20 MB per second for USB 2.0. Besides, it is also the best solution for USB 3.0 external hard drive (USB-HDD).


Compliant with USB 3.2

Native Signal Instead of using a computer card reader or signal conversion chip, UReach uses USB3.2 compliant native signals to communicate with the device, which improves compatibility and ensures smooth copying.



  • Standalone design without requiring PC for operation.
  • Peak transfer speeds up to 10GB/min.
  • Compatible with variety of USB 2.0/3.0/3.1/3.2 devices and external USB HDDs.
  • Mass produce whole USB write protect USB.
  • Integrates log report management system for records purpose.

USB 1:59 ports Duplicator Sanitizer UB3948

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