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Video Investigation Portable (VIP) 2.0


VIP (Video Investigation Portable) 2.0 promotes the efficient and effective extraction and recovery of digital media evidence for law enforcement and investigators by utilizing the forensically sound manner approach, audio and video evidence can quickly, easily, and securely be recovered directly from CCTV DVRs, save you from the expensive and time-consuming process and give you a smarter video Investigation with lower cost.


Full Features List

  • Disk Imaging: with complete workflow compatible with forensic needs, supports quick data image from source disk into file, to ensure integrity of data during investigation process.

    Multi-Tasking: can extract and recover multiple DVR/NVR hard drives simultaneously, maximumly supports 8 pieces of hard drives at the same time.

  • Video Transcoder: supports mass video clips to be transcoded into the required format at one time but with no limitation on the number of files, greatly shortening the time that should be spent on the investigation.

  • Ultra Player: no need for diverse video players but only one player supports numerous formats.

  • Intelligent Video Retrieval: filtrate the video clips by the options of Colors, Focusing Area, Movement Direction, Trap Wire, Human, and Vehicle, VIP 2.0 will quickly sort out the category in which the investigator may concern from abundant videos.

  • Human and Vehicle Identification: able to search the human or vehicles in the video clips according to the optimized algorithm, and accurately position the video clip that the investigator might be interested in.

  • Motion Detection: analyze and retrieve the moving object according to the moving direction by arrow diagram, and quickly capture key information for the forensic investigators, devoted to clarifying the crime scene more clearly.

  • One Click Operation: the technical collaboration with Amped Software provides a seamless workflow between the forensic acquisition and the analysis & enhancement. The video clips which are extracted and recovered by VIP2.0 can be directly opened with Amped FIVE, we are working together to make your job easier and faster.

  • Capture to court: we know evidence integrity is a top priority, which is why the forensic report also logs every step taken during the video reporting process. To complete the chain of evidence management, VIP2.0 generates the evidence audit and disclosure report in PDF and HTML.




Video Investigation Portable (VIP) 2.0

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