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Rusolut Visual NAND Reconstructor (VNR)

Chip-off Data Recovery & Digital Forensic analysis of broken flash storage devices


VISUAL NAND RECONSTRUCTOR is a tool for chip-off data recovery and digital forensic expertise of broken NAND flash storage devices.  


Key Features

  • Data recovery from broken Flash devices
  • Forensic analysis of NAND physical image
  • Analysis of hidden/obsolete/bad blocks of NAND memory
  • Automatic analysis modes
  • Largest set of adapters on market
  • Powerful manual analysis and reverse engineering modes
  • Unique dump viewer modes
  • Support of microSD and other monolithic devices
  • Flexible software conception and intuitive GUI with database
  • Power adjustment for weak and mobile chips (1.8V…4.0V) separately for core and IO bus


Visual Nand Reconstructor Kit

  • NAND Reader
  • TSOP48 ZIF adapter
  • TLGA52 ZIF adapter
  • TSOP56 adapter
  • BGA100 adapter
  • BGA152 adapter
  • BGA154 adapter
  • BGA224 adapter
  • Monolith adapter
  • USB Flash disk with software
  • miniUSB 2.0 cable
  • Premium Support (1 year)


DataExpert Singapore is proud to be the sole exclusive reseller for Rusolut VNR in Singapore.

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Visual NAND Reconstructor

  • Rusolut Visual NAND Reconstructor is a powerful tool for chip-off forensics and data recovery.  It is useful in the recovery of data from flash storage devices that are broken/damaged, due to physical/electrical/thermal damages, or due to firmware failure. Examples of flash storage devices are USB, SSD, SD card, Micro SD card, digital voice recorder, MP3 player, tablet, smartphones, and other NAND-based storage media.

    The VNR hardware consists of a universal flash memory reader and a set of adapters for different NAND chip packages.

    - VNR Starter Kit

    - VNR Standard Kit

    - VNR Smartphone Kit

    - VNR Chinese Smartphone Kit

    - VNR Monolithic Devices Adapters.


    The universal NAND reader reads a physical image (dump) out of a flash memory chip via a special adapter, then the software processes the physical image to convert it to a logical image for forensic analysis.

    The set of high quality adapters are for popular types of NAND chips, including TSOP48, TLGA52, TSOP56, BGA100, BGA152, BGA154, BGA224, Monolithic chips.

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